All profits from May May Jelly & Soft Drink Factory ,Home Care & Personal Care Factory and Plastic Factory are fully used for Mother Foundation.

Our Story

Mother Foundation was founded in 4th January, 2015 in order to carry out charities without any expectation. It was founded by U Han Win Soe (U Soe Moe Naing) who is a son of U Soe Nyein and Daw Mya Kyin from Mandalay.


Taking philanthropy is the most noble in the world. Mother Foundation is our life. Mother Foundation is for all. Mother Foundation is decked out with our lives and altruism. Performing Mother Foundation’s goals and activities for human beings is our conviction.



Donation without expectation for everyone who is miserable to solve education, health and sociality during the short life as much as we can is the aim of Mother Foundation.


Reaching high is not to look down on people at low. It is to lift up as much as we can. Mother Foundation’s wish is to fulfill everyone who has difficulty with fully good will.


Mother Foundation’s hope is to save human beings’ need of emergency with fully kindness.


Joining with person who does charity for one morning is more effective than joining along the whole life with person who doesn’t do charity.

Charity Heart

      The person who suffers many difficulties and trouble and gives happiness and pleasure for others is the altruist.